Power Point & Switch Installation Perth

Power Point Installations & Upgrades

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating an existing property, or adding an extension, a well-thought-out electrical installation plan is essential. At Delavale Electrical Contracting, we provide power point, light switch and dimmer switch installations and upgrades for homes and businesses throughout Perth.

We can help you plan out your power points and light switches, or upgrade your existing GPOs and switches. Our dedicated team of electricians will provide you with advice on the best locations for your new power points, and the range of switches available.

Light Switch Installation

How frustrating is it when your light switch is installed in the wrong place? Having to walk throughout a room to switch the light on, or having a bathroom light switch outside the door just doesn’t make sense! Our professional Perth electricians can solve this problem by ensuring your light switch installation is carefully planned out and makes sense for your new home’s layout. This includes three-way switches or smart switches to give you the ultimate convenience.

For renovations, we’ll also make suggestions around the location of your existing light switches if required. If you’re looking to upgrade your light switches, we work with top-quality Clipsal switches that offer a modern, timeless and future-proof look. The latest Clipsal Iconic switches are the ultimate in smart switches and feature the latest smart-home technology.


Dimmer Switch Installation

Dimmer switches not only create an incredible ambience in a room, but they’re also a fantastic money-saver. When installed in conjunction with LED lights, they could save you hundreds on your power bill each year! At Delavale Electrical Contracting, we provide dimmer switch installation for new homes and renovations throughout Perth.

Dimmer switches can also greatly improve the lifespan of your lightbulbs. Controlling the amount of current let into the bulb reduces strain on the bulb, which means it will last much longer. Book your dimmer switch installation or upgrades today by contacting our friendly team.

Clipsal Iconic Power Point Upgrades

Clipsal’s latest range of switches and power points offers top-of-the-range technology and design features. The Clipsal Iconic range includes power points, switches, dimmers, USB charger stations and outdoor switches and sockets. With a choice of four colours which you can swap as you like, you’re in control. Once the power point has been installed by us, you simply pop off the standard skin and swap your colours! 

The Clipsal Iconic range is infinitely customisable and is designed to make your home life easier. Using the Clipsal app, you’re able to control your switches and even set schedules based on your predicted energy usage. Speak to our expert team today to learn more about the Clipsal Iconic range, and to arrange installation for your home.

power point installation perth

Outdoor Power Point Installation

While it’s important to make sure your indoor power point and switch layout makes sense and works for you, we can’t forget about the outdoors! We provide outdoor power point installation and upgrades throughout Perth for outdoor lighting, water features, reticulation and much more.

Plus, the Clipsal Iconic range includes outdoor switches that can be used with their app, so you don’t even have to leave the house to turn your lights on. Keep your home’s front and backyards looking amazing while enhancing security and safety.

Power Point Installation Cost

At Delavale Electrical Contracting, we provide free, custom quotes for all of our electrical services. This means you’ll never pay more than you need to, as we quote for exactly what you need.

Your power point installation cost may vary depending on the size of your home, the number of power points and switches required, and your choice of products. Get your free power point installation quote today, or get in touch with us to chat more about your electrical installation needs.

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