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Lighting Installation Perth

Lighting has the potential to completely transform your spaces, both indoors and outdoors. At Delavale Electrical Contracting, our electricians provide expert LED lighting installation for homes and businesses across Perth. We’re able to offer our professional advice on lighting plans and complete your wiring installations, upgrades, and fit-outs.

LED lights are a top choice for electricians due to their bright light and long-lasting, energy-saving qualities. Whether building new, or upgrading your existing lighting, LED lights are a versatile option with various styles to choose from. We can help you choose the right lights for your property, and install them to comply with Australian Standards.


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Downlight Installation

Upgrade your old halogen lights to LED downlights for a crisp, modern, and energy-efficient transformation. At Delavale Electrical Contracting, we provide downlight installation for both new home builds, commercial fit-outs, and upgrades. With the option of choosing dimmable downlights, you’re in control of your space whether you prefer light and bright, or warm and cosy.

LED Strip Lights

Take your home or business to the next level with expertly installed LED strip lights! A versatile lighting option, LED strip lights look great under kitchen counters, as undercabinet lighting, and as accent lighting. Ask us today how we can implement this stunning feature at your property today.

Wall Light Installation

Upgrade your wall lights for a fresh new look. Our comprehensive electrical services include wall light installation and upgrades in Perth for residential properties, office buildings, retail and hospitality premises, and much more. Replacing your old halogen bulbs with LED lights is a fantastic way to revitalise your spaces while saving on electricity bills.

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Security Light Installation

Keep your home or business safe and secure with our security lighting installation services. Develop your security lighting plan with our experts, and choose your preferred lighting options to achieve the desired effects. Using spotlights, floodlights, wall lights, and motion sensors, security can be achieved with subtle or intimidating lighting choices depending on your needs and design preferences.

Commercial Lighting

We provide commercial lighting services to businesses such as retail stores, hospitality venues, office buildings, warehouses, and many more. Our services include lighting plans, installations and upgrades, and emergency lighting installation and testing. Cleverly-placed downlights and LED strip lights show off products in their best light, while emergency lighting keeps your employees and the public safe.

Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting choices can help you create an outdoor oasis that you never want to leave. We’re passionate about creating stunning outdoor lighting designs and work with your builder or architect to enhance the focal points of your spaces. From the garden, to your alfresco dining area, to your pool, we design and install LED lighting plans that make your Perth backyard shine.

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