Electrical Safety Inspections Perth

What Is An Electrical Safety Inspection?

Electrical safety inspections are required for all sales or leases of property, and they must be completed annually in apartment buildings. They are a legal requirement to ensure the property is safe for new tenants or owners to inhabit.

Our extensive electrical safety inspection includes, but is not limited to:

  • Checking for exposed wires, DIY wiring, and outdated wiring systems
  • Visual inspection of lighting and power points
  • RCD and smoke alarm testing
  • Checking for compliance with Australian Standards
  • Inspection of all electrical points throughout the exterior of the property
  • Checking air conditioners
  • Offering power saving suggestions

Our findings will be given to you in a comprehensive report that includes photos for your reference, to bring to your builder or real estate agent in case repairs are needed.


Pre-Sale Electrical Inspections

Pre-sale electrical inspections are a legal requirement for property sellers, private landlords, and property managers. They must be completed by a licensed electrical contractor with the experience and certifications to complete a thorough inspection of residential properties. 

According to Australian Standards 3000:2018, electrical inspections must be carried out prior to the sale or transfer of lease of residential properties. We perform these on properties throughout Perth in accordance with WA’s RCD laws. These state that properties must have a minimum of two RCD safety switches fitted to the switchboard.

Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspections

While inspections are usually carried out pre-sale, homebuyers may choose to have a pre-purchase electrical inspection carried out on their new home, or investment property before committing to purchasing.

These inspections give you peace of mind, knowing your expensive purchase has been thoroughly checked by an independent electrician, and you’re receiving a safe, compliant home.

Why Is An Electrical Safety Inspection Required?

Enlisting the services of an independent electrical contractor to undertake an electrical safety inspection, is the only way to get peace of mind in your new home purchase.

It’s also a legal requirement for all house sales, new leases, and STRATA companies or property managers to complete inspections prior to sale or lease, and perform annual checks to apartment buildings.

An ‘Electrical Safety Certificate’ stating that RCDs and smoke alarms have been tested, is not the same as a thorough electrical inspection, and will not keep you from being left out of pocket should faults occur after purchase.

By contracting our professional electrical services to inspect your new home, you can be confident in your purchase knowing it’s fault-free, and ready for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Electrical Safety Inspection Cost

We take pride in our affordable, reliable residential electrical services. Because house sizes are so varied, please get in touch with Jarrod and the team to discuss your electrical safety inspection needs for a custom price for your home, business, or apartment block.

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