Electrical Installation Services Perth

Electrical Installation Services

Are you in the process of building, renovating, or expanding your existing residence? Our range of electrical installation services will have your Perth home or business up and running at full capacity in no time! Because we’re so confident in our services, all of our work comes with complete manufacturer’s warranty, plus lifetime workmanship warranty. All electrical installations are completed to Australian Standards 3000:2018.

Safety Switches & Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

It’s now regulation in Australia that all homes are fitted with at least two Residual Current Device (RCD) safety switches. These are not the same as circuit breakers! While circuit breakers prevent electrical fires and equipment damage, RCD switches protect you and your family from dangerous, life-threatening electrical currents.

They’re the only thing between you and a potentially deadly electric shock, so it’s important to have a licensed professional fit them to your new or existing switchboard.


Switchboard Installation & Upgrades

Switchboards can be intimidating and a little scary for those that don’t understand them. Older switchboards may be dangerous, if they’re not equipped to deal with increased energy use from newer technologies being used in the home, and they may not be up to Australian building standards.

For your new home build, we can install a brand new, safe and fully compliant switchboard. Renovations on older or existing properties may need a switchboard upgrade in the event the existing structure is no longer up to code.

Lights & Switches Installation

With so many lighting products available, it can be overwhelming to pick the right lights and switches for your home. Lighting plans are extremely important to the functionality of residences and commercial spaces. 

Jarrod and our team of professional, licensed electrical contractors can work with you to design your own lighting plan that makes sense for your home. We’ll make sure your lights and switches are installed safely and placed in accordance with room and furniture layouts in a way that enhances the usability of your home or business.

We also provide LED lighting upgrades and switch upgrades to keep your home fresh and modern.

Electrical Wiring Installation

Despite what YouTube may have you believe, you should never attempt DIY electrical wiring. Electrical currents are extremely dangerous and have the potential to be life-threatening if handled incorrectly.  

As part of our electrical installation services, we can safely install wiring in your new home, or rewire your existing system. This includes power point installation, data point and wireless access point installation, plus much more.

New home electrical wiring installation should always be done by a licensed electrician, not only to ensure your safety now but for years to come through quality, long-lasting workmanship.

EV Charger Installation

For owners of electric vehicles, having your very own charging station at your home is the ultimate convenience. Our expert electricians provide fast and competitively-priced electric vehicle charger installation for homes throughout Perth.

We work with all major EV charger brands that you can rely on to provide you with the charge you need. Prior to installation, we’ll also inspect your switchboard to determine if any 3-phase upgrades or additional RCD safety switches are needed.

Home Renovation & Alteration Electrical Services

If you’re renovating or adding extensions to your home, you may need to upgrade your wiring. As part of our electrical installation services in Perth, we can rewire electrical lines, fix faults, or update your switchboard and safety switches, all for an affordable price that won’t blow the budget.

Please get in touch with our friendly team today to chat about your renovation electrical needs.

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Smart Home Automation Installation

If you love keeping up with technological advances, smart home automation is the way to the future – in fact, you may already be slipping behind!  There are many different choices of smart home systems available, whether you want to control the whole house, or simply the lights.

Home Office Electrical Installation

Trying to run a business from home and finding you simply don’t have enough data cabling and powerpoints? Our team of experienced Perth electricians can install additional data, power points, and wireless access points to help you work more efficiently. 

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