Home & Business Wireless Access Points

Enhance Your Internet Coverage

In today’s society, reliable internet access is vital. Whether you’re streaming your favourite show at home or conducting important business tasks at the office, patchy internet can be a major hindrance. Wireless access point installation can significantly improve the coverage of your existing internet, minimising dead zones and extending your network’s reach.

Our team at Delavale Electrical Contracting specialises in installing WAPs both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to make the most of your internet connection throughout your property. By strategically placing these access points, we ensure that even the most challenging areas of your home or office receive a strong, stable signal.

Mesh WIFI Installation

Eliminate Dead Zones and Signal Dropouts

Say goodbye to dead zones and signal dropouts with a mesh WIFI system. These systems are designed to join two or more access points together, creating a seamless and robust WIFI network that covers your entire residential or commercial property. As you move throughout your space, the mesh network ensures a consistent and reliable connection, eliminating the frustration of losing signal in different areas.

Mesh WIFI systems are particularly beneficial for connecting smart devices such as doorbells, security cameras, lights, and sound systems. By maintaining a strong WIFI signal throughout your property, you can easily manage and control all your smart devices without any interruptions.

Our Installation Process

Expertise and Quality Products

At Delavale Electrical Contracting, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality installation services using products from reliable providers including Netgear, TP-Link, Orbi, Google, Ubiquiti, and more. Our process begins with a comprehensive WIFI analysis test to determine the optimal locations for installing access points. This ensures that the areas most affected by signal loss are effectively addressed.

Once the analysis is complete, our team of expert electricians instals the WAPs and mesh systems, ensuring seamless integration with your existing network. We pay close attention to detail to guarantee that your new system functions flawlessly, providing you with the reliable internet connection you need.

Professional WIFI Mesh System

Benefits of Professional WIFI Mesh System Installation

Improved Connectivity and Productivity

A professionally installed WIFI mesh system can transform your home or office environment. For businesses, improved internet connectivity means enhanced productivity and efficiency. Employees can work without the constant interruptions caused by poor internet connections, leading to smoother operations and better overall performance.

Enhanced Home Experience

For homeowners, a robust WIFI network enhances the overall experience of your living space. Whether it’s streaming movies, playing online games, or managing smart home devices, a stable internet connection is crucial. With a mesh WIFI system installed by Delavale Electrical Contracting, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout your home.

Increased Property Value

In today’s digital age, a property with a strong and reliable internet connection is highly desirable. Investing in a WIFI mesh system can increase the value of your home or office, making it more appealing to potential buyers or tenants. A well-connected property is a significant advantage in the competitive real estate market.

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