As the sun lingers longer in the sky during the summer months, your home deserves to bask in the radiance as well. Lighting plays a pivotal role in transforming your spaces, both indoors and outdoors. At Delavale Electrical Contracting, our team of professional electrical contractors is here to share expert lighting hacks that will enhance the ambiance of your home, making this summer truly luminous.

LED Lights: Bright, Long-lasting, and Energy-efficient

LED lights stand as a beacon in the world of lighting solutions, and for good reason. Our electricians recommend LED lighting installations for homes and businesses across Perth. Known for their bright illumination and long-lasting, energy-saving qualities, LED lights offer versatility with various styles to suit your preferences. Whether you’re constructing a new space or upgrading existing lighting, LED lights provide a modern touch. Delavale Electrical Contracting can guide you in choosing the right LED lights for your property, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards.

Transformative Downlights: Crisp, Modern, and Energy-efficient

Upgrade your lighting game by transitioning from old halogen lights to LED downlights. Delavale Electrical Contracting specialises in downlight installation for new home builds, commercial fit-outs, and upgrades. The crisp, modern, and energy-efficient transformation achieved through LED downlights brings a refreshing ambiance to your spaces. With the option of dimmable downlights, you have control over the mood—whether you prefer a light and bright atmosphere or a warm and cosy setting.

LED Strip Lights: Elevate Your Space with Versatile Illumination

Take your home or business to the next level with the installation of LED strip lights. Our experts can implement these versatile lights under kitchen counters, as under cabinet lighting, or as accent lighting. The possibilities are endless, and the visual impact is stunning. Consult with Delavale Electrical Contracting today to explore how LED strip lights can add a captivating feature to your property.

Wall Light Upgrade: Revitalise Your Spaces

Enhance the aesthetics of your home or business by upgrading your wall lights. Delavale Electrical Contracting offers comprehensive electrical services, including wall light installation and upgrades in Perth. Say goodbye to old halogen bulbs and embrace the modernity and energy efficiency of LED lights. This simple yet impactful change revitalises your spaces while contributing to savings on electricity bills.

Security Light Installation: Illuminate Safety

Security Light Installation

Prioritise safety with our security lighting installation services. Collaborate with our experts to develop a security lighting plan tailored to your needs. Choose from spotlights, floodlights, wall lights, and motion sensors to achieve the desired effects—whether subtle or intimidating. Delavale Electrical Contracting ensures your home or business is safe and secure with strategic lighting choices.

Commercial Lighting Solutions: Illuminating Success

For businesses, Delavale Electrical Contracting provides tailored commercial lighting services. From retail stores and hospitality venues to office buildings and warehouses, our services include lighting plans, installations, upgrades, and emergency lighting installation and testing. Cleverly-placed downlights and LED strip lights enhance product displays, while emergency lighting ensures the safety of your employees and the public.

Outdoor Oasis: Illuminate Your Backyard Bliss

Create an outdoor oasis that beckons during the summer evenings. Delavale Electrical Contracting is passionate about designing stunning outdoor lighting plans. Work with our team to illuminate the focal points of your outdoor spaces, from the garden to your alfresco dining area and pool. Let our LED lighting designs make your Perth backyard shine, ensuring it becomes a place you never want to leave.

In conclusion, lighting is not just a functional aspect but a design element that can elevate the mood and aesthetics of your spaces. Delavale Electrical Contracting stands ready to assist with expert advice, installations, and upgrades to make your home or business shine bright. Contact us today for a chat about how our exceptional electrical services can transform your spaces this summer.